Monday, December 20, 2010

Not so seriously?

Another super quick lunchtime pic of a happier reindeer with some decorations. ^^ Yes.
I was going to do bobbles, but my boyfriend and I put up some Christmas lights at his place last night and I liked them so much I thought I'd use them instead! Woo!


  1. why (not) so SERIOUS? love the lights :) halogen of course :P

  2. It wasn't merely that Dasher had lights (halogen, no less) in his antlers that made him smile, it's that he didn't have Rudolf's afflictions...a bobble and a red nose - and regardless of what the song might say - Dasher was Santa's favourite because he was the best at all the reindeer games!

    (This info comes from a reliable source - the Dentist Elf and the Abominable Snowman)