Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Um... Lucky? What are you doing?

Just a super quick little lunch time doodle of my dog Lucky getting into her Christmas gift... Silly puppy.


  1. Lelu! Does she like the gift, or the wrapping more...

    yay for daily doodles!

  2. Lucyfur is looking forward to "ripping" open her gift - at least that's what she's been telling me!
    When we do our daily ball-toss she looks at one of the tennis balls that's rather bald and gives me that "well, when are you gonna break down and spring for a new ball, lady?" - and I just smile - 'cause I know what Santa CP is bring her!

    Great drawing CP - love Moo-tastic

  3. Aw thanks you guys! It was a super quick doodle over my lunch break and I figured it was cute enough to post. Heck! Anything with our little Lucy is cute enough to post! ^^