Sunday, November 29, 2015


OK, so after a very long hiatus (technically a blog-move to tumblr), I've decided to get my blogspot blog going again!

What I need is a place to talk about life, art and share some of my adventures. Tumblr is great, but it sometimes feels very impersonal and I kind of miss my blogger buddies here in the blogspot verse.

So if you've missed me and are wondering what I've been up to, you can look forward to seeing some new updates and maybe even some art! Though I'm not gonna lie, this is gonna be a very casual thing as I already have like ten billion other sites and pages to update (how I keep track of it all I'll never know).

This is all I'm going to write up for now.

What have all you lovelies been up to?

♥ TweakFox

Current Mood: Cheerful!

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