Monday, January 10, 2011


I picked up a really cute Teddiursa plush this weekend! I really love Teddiursa! So freakin' cute!


  1. Do you still have "teddy" from way back when?

    This drawing sends off cute and cuddly vibes.

    Hugs & Love, Moo-major-fantastico!

  2. Of course I still have Teddy! ^^ He looks really old now tho. Poor little dude. I still love him to pieces! ^^

  3. Does he still work?

    How's your day going...want a get together one of these days?

    Hugs, Mega-Moo-tastic!

  4. Nah, Ted doesn't work anymore... Remember he started short-circuiting and he would just talk all the time? I had to take his batteries out so I could sleep... LOL. Now he has a happy little spot with a few of my other faves next to my little tv in my bedroom. :)