Monday, March 12, 2012

Personal Project - Merandia Concept

Blogger thinks it's funny to shrink this down so tiny you can't even see it. Thanks Blogger. Oh well, I love you anyways...

So along with the new layout for my sketchblog (I'm finally learning CSS... argh...) I figured it was time to post my latest Tamen concept which I've been working on forever! This is Merandia, one of my favourite places in Tamen. Since I'm better with pictures than I am with words, I'll let this one do the talking. He he.


  1. And speak it does...what an amazing piece of work. I would love to visit this world. I feel, when I look at it long enough I am transported there through my mind's eye.

    Exquisite work! Moo-tastic.

    1. Ha ha! If you like it despite the fact the blogger shrunk it to practically nothing... then you will love it at it's actual size which is pretty huge! You can actually see the details on it! Ha ha!

  2. Oh...your new layout it totally awesome! Wee bit jealous, am I! (little Yoda!)